The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Kylee Wiemer

The Spatial Experience

-My seat location affected my experience of the performance because I had a very good view and as a result could pay attention more easily. On the other hand, if I had a poor view of the stage, I would have been unable to see and therefore would have enjoyed the performance far less. -When the lights went down and the theatre got quiet, I became excited because I knew the play was about to begin. -The large size of the theatre contributed to my experience because it spread out the play making it seem like the settings actually changed. -Place plays an important role in the good life because it can affect how you view something and whether you get to experience it.

The Social Experience

-I attended the performance with two of my best friends. -Going with my friends made the performance much more enjoyable because at intermission and at the end of the play we were able to talk about it and share our opinions. -Shared experiences are a necessity for the good life because having someone to go through events with makes them more memorable.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

-Before attending this performance, I did not know much of what it was about. The play had several different settings, including the factory, the theatre, and the seminary. It tells the story of child labor, the oppression of the church, and how each choice you make can affect your life immensely. The performance made me think about how life used to be in this time and how much the world has changed.

The Emotional Experience

The overall theme of this play is to show the unfortunate struggles of life that many people have to deal with. It has a very strong message and definitely plays with your emotions. It does not beat around the bush and make life look glorified, but rather shows the horrors and hardships that several others have to deal with.

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