I'm from Chehalis, WA Allie Haakenson

I am from the rain

I am from nature

I am from the mountain

I am from the water

I am from tiring days participating in sports

I am from coffee that keeps me going

I am from my family and friends


Created with images by Noah Silliman - "untitled image" • Noah Silliman - "untitled image" • Dan Meyers - "Here's a stock art donation. At one point, I needed a photo similar to this one at the request of my bosses.I didn't really find one that worked for their vision but I know I've used enough photos from Unsplash that I need to even the score. This windy road cuts through an old-growth temperate rain forest at Ecola State Park in Oregon. At the end of the road is an amazing beach and views of massive sea monoliths. If you even go to the Oregon coast, add this place to your travel itinerary. " • Robert Bye - "Snowboarder in the clouds" • Stephen Walker - "The plan had been to get up early in order to catch the sunrise against the mountain, but exhaustion and cold temperatures delayed the departure. The is is at 8am and not a cloud in the sky or a ripple on the water. Just 5 hours later, the view was completely different with ugly clouds and rough water." • Marvin Ronsdorf - "run track from the air" • Alexander Gilbertson - "I went to visit my friend Ozzie at the Made in KC cafe in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. After enjoying my Americano I saw this sign." • Maddi Bazzocco - "Pretty self explanatory and here to give you a dose of advice. Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. Leave the ones who don’t."