Some of the problems that we came up with surrounding Food Waste and Food Insecurity:

  • Grocery stores tend to discard a lot of food
  • There are geographical challenges like transportation of food and natural disasters
  • There are not enough creative solutions for food waste, like composting
  • The price point of healthy food options are too high

Define the problem:

The problem that we chose to focus on is composting. We already know quite a bit about the topic. We are aware that it is good for the environment and that not everybody does it. We also know that it is pretty easy and that to complete it, you must put compostable food in a bucket to decompose. After it decomposes, it produces nutrient rich soil that are good for plants.

Time to Ideate some solutions:

  • We could give people materials to set up a compost bin. Then, we could make a video explaining how to set up the bin. All of the nutrient rich soil that we make we could donate to farms and make more food.
  • We could place the compost bins near dining areas and next to trash bins.
  • We could encourage people to buy more compostable foods.

Our Solution:

We had many ideas for our solution, so we combined them into one. We will give other people materials to make a compost bin. We could make a video explaining how to assemble it and what foods are compostable. We could put the bins around campus near places where people eat, and they could compost their food. With the dirt that we get from it, we could donate it to local farms who could use it to make fresh food.

Image Credits:

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