Gathering blue Louis Lowry

Book Summary: So far in gathering blue

We have followed Kira in her journey as she grows and learns. the book starts withe the death of her mother, when she comes back from the field where she left her mom she was taken to counsel to decide her fate. Kira was crippled and thought useless to the village but the counsel saw an opportunity to gain from the death of her mother, they chose Kira to be their new weaver of the Singers robe. The Singer is a man who attends that Gathering, an annual event where every member of the village comes together, during his attendance he sings out to the village their story and history. In this new role she would move into the only real building in the village, the Council Edifice, and be introduced to all types of new things, but she also has to say good bye to her old life which was probably easy enough. In the village she only had one friend, a one syllable tyke named Matt. When she moves into her new room in the Council Edifice she is confused by the running water and bed but she grows used to it, she meets another buy her age named Thomas who was the carver for the Singer's Staff while Kira would weave for the Singers robe. Thomas and her become good friends and talk each day. Kira now is used to her new life but she did have a problem, she was a greatly talented weaver but her mom had never gotten the chance to teach her the dyes for the rope, this skill was essential to fixing and re-creating the Singers robe. She is sent to an old wise lady far in the woods who would start to teach her. So far on the book Kira has started to understand her role in the village and is continuing to grow and learn.

"Powerful and provocative"

-New York Times

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Personal review

Gathering blue is a sequal to a well known book, The Giver, but is not directly connected to The Giver so any one could be iterested in reading it. The book is intended for a younger audience but I can see many adults enjoying this book. Personally I really enjoyed the the character connection between the reader and the c character. The way that Lowry portrays the character makes it very easy to fall in, love with her and feel connected to her, understand her. Though I have not finished the novel I already expect a good but not hoped for ending. This book has such a nice flow and reading it makes you feel like you are in totally different dimension. I hope that everyone could get this feeling during reading. I am greatly enjoying this book and can't wait to move on to its predecessors.

“Be proud of your pain, for you are stronger than those with none.”

― Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue

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