POV- To Kill a Mockingbird By: Miranda Hoch

"I don't want to go to school"
POV of atticus

I can understand fully why Scout would not want to go to school. It is crazy to think that a TEACHER would tell a child to stop reading. Scout is ahead of her class and I do understand how it could be hard to teach a class when one of the students already knows what your teaching but to reprimand a girl for reading? It just does not make sense. I do however wish she was more excited to go to school. She is such a smart curious child and she would do so well if she were excited and willing to give it a chance. It’s terrible that she can’t read as she wants however, sometimes you can’t do everything you want to and it’s a lesson she will have to get used to. She’s going to learn so many interesting things and we can still read at home.

Jem's pants
POV of Jem

As we crawled under the fence I realized I was stuck. My pants had gotten caught and I couldn’t get out no matter how hard I tried. My heart was beating faster and faster at the fear of getting caught. I finally decided the only way to get out was to get out of pants and leave them there. I got out fast got up and ran. When I got back to our porch I realized I couldn’t walk in with no pants on! I ran back expecting to have to tear my pants away from the fence but instead, to my surprise, they were folded neatly over the fence. Who had folded them? Why did they do that? I had no time to work through the situation while I was standing there. I could still get caught and I needed to make it home. I started running home for the second time the whole time pondering what had happened with my pants. I think about it often trying to figure out what happened fully but I don’t think I’ll ever truly know.

Reading to Mrs. Dubose
POV of Mrs. Dubose

It’s nice to have someone else here with me. The reading is a nice distraction. It’s only a partial distraction but its nice none the less. I look at the clock often, waiting for my alarm to go off. It’s becoming less often as we read though. Sometimes I actually get caught up in what Jem is saying that I can take a break from thinking about my alarms. I know Jem isn’t here by choice but it’s wonderful knowing he comes anyway. Him and his sister are something else but they are good kids. I’m still partially upset about my garden but there’s only so much you can do and sometimes kids are just kids. Atticus does well with them and thankfully, well with me too. He is a caring selfless man. He has helped me immensely and I’m sure he doesn’t fully realize that. Jem coming to read to me is one of my favorite memories now. Those finches are an interesting bunch, but they are good people.

The trial
POV of Tom Robinson

It’s frustrating to say the least knowing that I have no chance of winning this trial. I am very grateful for Mr. Finch's choice to help me and it means everything knowing that there is at least one person that believes me. Being a black man in this trial changes everything. I’m sure that if I were a white man or she was a black woman we wouldn’t even be in this court room right now. She continues to sit there and lie to save her father when she is throwing me away. She had planned that day at her house. Spent all year saving to send the kids off and yet she so easily turned on me to save herself. Such a selfish child worried only about her and her father getting off easily not the man she’s putting in jail. I enrages me if I think about it for too long but there is nothing I can do to fix it. My last hope is for Atticus to make miracles possible and change the jury’s mind.


This assignment was truly eye opening. I believe that since To Kill a Mockingbird is written from Scouts perspective, people don’t consider the thoughts and feelings of the other characters. I learned a lot while putting my mind into one of the other characters. When you look from their eyes, a situation that Jem hates (reading to Mrs. Dubose) could mean the world to the other character involved. It adds so many more elements to the story and the events that occur. It is honestly eye opening. I think Mr. Crooke had us do this so we could gain that experience and to make us actually look at other sides of the story. It’s very important to keep an open mind and think of other perspectives otherwise we don’t learn as much as the book can teach us. Scouts opinion is the one most present but not necessarily the only important perspective.

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