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Social media and website marketing

In today's world, the online world of marketing is a whole new way to sell yourself. Response and branding are the two major benefits of each marketing campaign. The ROI, or return on investment, can serve as a direct way to monitor how effective our work may be. This can be in the form of clicks, visits or sales.

One of the first and most important things to think about when it comes to online marketing is getting to know your target audience. Our ads or posts can't do what we need them to do if we are missing our demographic.

Once we know our target audience, we can use that to decide the best way to advertise to them. This can also help us know the best platforms for reaching them. For instance, a younger client base could be reached through influencers on Instagram, where as an older more professional client base could be better reached through Linked in or Facebook ads.

Another integral part of digital marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. When it comes to online marketing, you want to ensure that your company ranks higher in search engine results by using keywords. This can drive more traffic to your site. Once you have established your SEO, you can use content marketing to integrate these keywords in your online portfolio. It is important to be sure that your website is clear and user friendly, using keywords on every page so that your site can respond to what the potential customer is searching for. Social Media can also play a role in this if people are visiting your website through social media. It is good to be sure that the online interface of the website coincides with the desktop and SEO.

Email marketing is another way to communicate to your client base. Email can be thought of as a direct line to a potential or past customer. This can help build brand loyalty, and brand awareness. Programs such as Autopilot can help to automate these systems and contact each customer using a more friendly technique.

Online marketing and social media marketing, in particular, combines traditional online advertising techniques with an opportunity to be social with our client base to build our brand. If done right, the online world can help us utilize the powerful, free marketing technique, of word of mouth.


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