SHOES By Shadara Barnes

We all know that the main purpose for shoes is to protect your feet. Shoes have become a big part of society when it comes to getting to where you need to go and how fast. There are many kinds of footwear and people are constantly making more shoes with better improvements. With the technology today, shoes can be made in a lot less time. A shoes is made of of these main 6 parts:1: The sole which is the exterior bottom part of the shoe

  • 1: The sole which is the exterior part of the shoe
  • 2: The insole which is the interior bottom of the shoe
  • 3:The outsole which is the layer of the shoe that touches the ground
  • 4:The midsole which is the layer between the insole and outsole
  • 5: The heel which is the rear part of the bottom of the shoe
  • 6: The vamp which is the upper part of the shoe

Its not only important to know how shoe are made but why most people prefer a certain shoe. It is all based on personal style. You would be surprised on what shoes people like and how they afford them. People like musicians will pay thousands of dollars for their signature shoes and some people don't have shoes at all.

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