No Safety In Numbers By Autumn,F

At the beginning of No Safety In Numbers The Author lets us know Lexi has a difficult relationship with her mom when lexi thinks "The Senator couldn't even be bothered to ream her out"(Lorentz 221). This quote shows that lexi feels ignored by her mother

Soon after the quarantine when thing are getting bad the author tells us, Lexi's mom does are when"they sat there hand in hand for a moment"( Lorentz 125). This quote shows that Lexi's mom cares for her when lexi found out the plague and everyone is dying from it and is clearly mad at her and her mom holds her hand then lexi says'Thanks'

On day seven as things get heated we find out just how good Lexi's relationship is when the author tells us,"Lexi relaxed into her mothers arms, feeling like a weight had been lifted off of her"(Lorentz 253). This quote shows that as things are getting crazy, Lexi and Dotty had a moment for themselves and they both hugged and lexi feels happy about the moment with her mom.

This is what Lexi would look like to me

This shows that Lexi is a Dynamic Character in No Safety In Numbers

Created By
Autumn Ferrari


Created with images by psd - "Quarantine Area" • Mads Boedker - "Girls" • jill111 - "woman happiness sunrise" • Steven Leonti - "The Suburbs"

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