HNC Documentary Research Simon davies

For this outcome I have used a range of sources for my research and feel that from the searches I was more drawn to the conflict, war, and political issues. the following images will define the type and style of documentary photography most influences me.

Shell Shocked Soldier

Photographer: Don McCullin, Image has been sourced from:

This image named Shell shock soldier, taken by Don McCullin, captured during the Battle for the city of Hue, Vietnam in 1968. The image depicts the soldier, showing the carnage and conflict soldiers faced. This image shows the soldiers eyes Staring out from under the dirt and grime of his helmet, With the soldiers eyes not even looking at the camera but staring beyond into nowhere. the composition for this image has the soldier centre framed holding his gun with lighting for this image just being natural daylight. The black and white of this images brings out the tonal range adding more contrast and depth to the image.


Photographer: Edward Thompson, Sourced from The Independent Magazine on Sunday, date 23rd Feb 2014, Page 14.

This image has been taken that shows the homes Refugee families are having to stay in rooms of nine, all trying to escape the horrors that should be their homes. this image shows the squallered conditions with sheets to divide rooms to give privacy. like this image due to the compositions main focus being on the child in the middle and it reflects as to what the are kind of running away from, with the sadness and pain showing in child's face. Lighting for this I would say has been just natural light coming from large window at the side.

War Wounds

Photographer: Sama Ashaibi, sourced from:

This image depicts a woman with her eye missing to document the injuries that people have suffered after/during the war, this leaving the life time scars that remain after the war has long finished. Like this image due to the graphic nature and composition of the image, with the textures drawn out due to image being in black and white. Lighting for this image has been natural light possibly with even a bit of fill in flash. This image has been staged as the woman in the image is infact the Photographer, with make up on, she has done this to represent the real victims wounds and photographer is documenting the suffering that woman go through in the background of war.

Hefner Mansion

Photographer: Burt Glinn, sourced from: Magnum Pro Magazine.

This image has been taken within the hallway of Hugh Hefner's mansion, (The Playboy Mansion) in 1966, Hugh Hefner was the first magazine publisher, not only to create a brand for magazine but to create a lifestyle. All this done during a cultural & Sexual revolution in the 60's. Composition of this image is centred with main focus on subject and him surrounded with his work/images to be published. Lighting for this image has been from above and


Photographer: Dorothea Lange. Image sourced from: Sepia – Black and white - Colour -

Dorothea Lange image taken from the great depression showing a resettled farm child from Taos Junction to Bosque Farms Project. Showing three different coloured images to show how from one image it has been post processed for someone's modern interpretation of the image but feel they have taken away from what the image shows. The black and white and the sepia toned images I feel are the only ones that's aesthetically pleasing. Composition for this image has child centre frame, staring into empty fireplace, this gives image a sense of loneliness with great intensity, lighting for this has came from natural light through the window behind.

Irish Battles

Photographer: Don McCullin. Image sourced from:

Image was taken at, Bogside, Londonderry, Northern Ireland in 1971. It depicts a man fighting with the Garda (police), this was just one shot from the range of different battle images of the conflicts in northern Ireland. this was a conflict over religion and parliamentary politicians.

Composition for this image has Single male, with weapon about to fight with Garda, lighting for this image has just been natural daylight.

Boy with gun

Photographer: Steve McCurry. Image sourced from:

Boy with Gun is a famous image from Steve McCurry, it shows young wearing a tatty old Spider-Man t-shirt and holding a gun to his head, the stare from the boy is chilling yet defiant with tears rolling down his cheeks. This is a chilling image to show that the children of Peru are using firearms like toys and hurt and anguish that its causing the kids. Composition for this image has been main focus one gun and boys face with lighting being natural day light with possibly some fill in flash.

Sighthill View

Photographer: Chris Leslie, Image sourced from:

Window view from one of the remaining three Highrise flats that were to be demolished in November 2009, with the first two being taken down in July 2008. This was done to facilitate a regeneration that was to be completed with the highrisers to all be taken away from Glasgow. Image has been taken with the view across the rest of Glasgow composition for this image has used the remains of the window to frame the view taken with just natural daylight.


Photographer: Don McCullin, Image sourced from:

Image taken of homeless Irish man taken in Spitalfield, East London in 1969, taken by Don McCullin shows a homeless man covered in dust and dirt from the Spitalfield Market fire in 1969. This portrait shows the man staring right into the lens, his eyes showing pain and suffering that has been through and pushed out in then society. Composition for this image has sitter main frame and image is black and white this showing the detailing and textures of the mans clothes, natural day light has been used to light this image this adding to the intensity of the final image.

Disappearing Glasgow

Photographer: Chris Leslie, Image Sourced from Book 'Disappearing Glasgow'

Image taken by Chris Leslie, shows Highrisers within the Gallowgate, image has been taken with an overlaying image taken years before to give a sort of remembrance/ Documentary image, taken on the landing of where he once played as a kid. composition of the image has the main focus on the inlayed image from past, shoot has been taken early evening using just natural light.

Battle Of Somme

Images from Book Battle of Somme, Copyrights to Hugh Sebag Montefiore Pages 242-243

Images show a range of situations from the tranches at the Battle of Somme, with one firing his Lewis Gun, others wearing the gas hoods and a solider filling canisters for mill Bombs and final image is of 15inch Howitzer Bomb being loaded, these images have been taken to document the realities of what men had to endure during these battles.

Images taken were sourced from the Imperial War Museum in London and published in a book named ' First World War in Photographs.

This image has been taken to document the ongoing conflict of the first world war and image shows HMS Inflexible rescuing survivors after battle ship had been sunk, many of these images are available to view from the imperial museum but many of them show the pretty picture of war and not the real harsh said like the aftermath to what the families ie Mothers Wifes and sometimes children were having to do at home when relatives didn't come home safe, example below of the women's Auxiliary Army Corp, tending to graves at Abbevile. finally in 1917 The Imperial set up organisation to maintain graves and build memorials for those with no known graves. By 1938, 587,00 unmarked graves had the wooden crosses removed and headstones replaced.


Image shows Women and children waiting at Railway Station to be evacuated from Guernsey.

Above is am image sourced from a book called Voices From the past, Britians Wartime Evacuees by Gillian Mawson. This is a typical wartime image, showing many of thousands of women and children that were evacuated, many from main cities were sent to live with families out in the country as it was said to be safer. all evacuees were sent with a luggage tag attached to them that give persons details and any sort of medical problems or requirements.

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