Royal factorIes Quinto de primaria

The actual factories were created in the 18th century due to economic reasons. The first factory that we are going to talk about is the Royal Factory of Crystals.

The Royal Factory of Crystals was a royal manufacturing built in the Royal site of San Ildefonso, it was built to supply with windows and mirrors. It was the oldest factory.
The second factory that we are going to talk about is the Royal Tapestry Factory. The Royal Tapestry Factory of Santa Bárbara is one of the royal factories to make luxury objects. It was founded in the year 1889. It is placed in Madrid and now it maintains its original activity.
The last one was the Royal Factory of Wallpapers, created in 1786.
During the reign of Charles III, wallpaper became fashionable. In Spain, there weren't factories like these and, in Madrid, there were only some workshops. The wallpapers were wood cuts in manual print colour. It was not an industrial product, it was artistic. The patterns of the motifs were carved by engravers on wooden planks. People like painters, engravers, chemists, colorists or painters worked to make them.

Juan Pastor, Eva Mansilla, Irene Concepción.

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