Design for Print & Screen Learning Journal

Exercise 1

Create one page recipe

I have been working with Indesign more than seven years and still I think it is the perfect adobe app to create posters, booklets, or ebooks. Now, I have done one page recipe using InDesign which is the first assignment. Working with InDesign is not difficult but also enjoyable.

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Exercise 2

Create Music Poster

The second assignment is create music poster using also InDesign. Actually, learning different method to combine the transparency modes is very interesting. InDesign has many tolls that help me to create something new.

Final Thoughts

First of all, I want to say thank you to Adobe.

I found this course helpful and enjoyable. Although, it was short bus still I enjoyed. It is full of information. I think the most important part of this process has been learning InDesign in a different way. I am using it a lot, such as designing magazines and books.

The nice thing about Adobe Design is that you are dealing with light elements. These elements make the design more attractive and simple. The way in which the course was presented was enjoyable. Thanks to all.


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