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What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

Direct democracy is the most effective style of government. It is the most effective style of government because citizens will choose what laws they would like to pass and this is consent of the governed. The citizens get to decide if it would be necessary to pass a certain law and they vote on it so majority wins, so the majority of citizens will behappy with the law and willing to follow it. Also, when they are voting for it they can protect their rights. Another reason direct democracy is the most effective style of government is because it is more reliable than representative democracy. In a representative democracy citizens vote on a candidate who talks about their ideas and laws they want to make. But, the candidate could not do what they say and end up violating citizens rights and gaining too much power. A democracy could end up having unlimited government power but in a direct democracy citizens can prevent that by voting.

There are centrifugal forces in a supranational cooperation. One is different languages. There are so many different languages and that makes it hard to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Another example of a centrifugal force is that not every country has the same currency. In the EU, a supranational government, not every country uses the euro. This makes buying things in other countries difficult and people won’t get the goods they need. Centrifugal forces work against a supranational cooperation among nations.


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