Pastel Day April 19th

What's Pastel Day?

Pastel Day would be a day on April 19th where everyone would dress up in pastel colored clothing with various flower crowns. Everyone would have the day off from either work or school. You'd mostly just go outside and enjoy the environment. You get to do anything and almost anything (except illegal acts).

People describe pastel as "aesthetic" and "soft". Pastels are light colored colors used for different forms of art. Wearing light colored clothes reduces heat more than darker clothes. Pastels aren't used as much in the world. Most pastel clothes are baggy so it's comfortable for everyone.

The history behind Pastel Day is that one day around 1779 a man didn't want to work, so he decided to paint a field of flowers. He tried to make a dark blue, but turned out to be a light blue Robbin egg color. He didn't know what to do with this sort of color, so he decided to paint a Robbin egg. He thought this was really relaxing and told everyone. It soon to become a holiday.

Pastels were very popular in the 18th century. Pastels were originally made by Jean Perrèal. Pastels are very popular in France. April is a breeezy month for big sweaters and comfy clothes. People use pastels mostly to show a bright side of things around the world.

I think Pastel Day would be good for everyone and the environment. Everyone needs a day off once and a while.

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