Hallway Talk: Favorite Disney Movies Students' opinions on disney movies throughout the eras

Walt Disney studios has been through many different eras—from creating the silent Mickey Mouse films in the 1920s to recently adding Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm to its franchise. We interviewed Walpole High students to see which Disney movies are their favorites throughout the eras.

1937-1942: The Golden Age

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937

"I like Snow White, because the Seven Dwarfs are really cool. They also just opened a ride up in Disney World that had the mining part, and I went on it. It was really fun. My dad used to say that I look like her, but I obviously don’t. I really like her dress, because I like yellow and it contrasted to the blue."

Genna Barry, 2019

1943-1949: The Wartime Era

1950-1959: The Silver Age

1970-1988: The Dark Age

The Aristocats, 1970

"I got to say The Aristocats, because when I was little I loved cats and animals. There’s some great bops in that."

Emma Thorsen, 2021

1989-1999: The Renaissance

The Little Mermaid, 1989

"My favorite Disney movie is the Little Mermaid, because when I was little I wanted to be a mermaid. That was my favorite movie of all time. And the songs are still really good."

Maggie Singer, 2022

Beauty and The Beast, 1991

"My favorite Disney movie would have to be Beauty and the Beast, because I like the message of falling in love for someone’s personality."

Julia Naples, 2019

Aladdin, 1992

"My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin, because I like the genie and I like the songs."

Adam Mackenzie, 2022

The Lion King, 1994

"I like the Lion King. It’s my favorite. It was a childhood movie."

Elizabeth Aspinwall, 2022

Hercules, 1997

"I really love Hercules, because the music is so good. It’s underrated, but every time you watch it you just get pumped for the opening song. And Meg is also just the best."

Naomi Fitzgerald, 2020

Mulan, 1998

"I like Mulan, because the music is good."

Caroline Gebhardt, 2021

"The women empowerment in that is amazing. That’s what values should be portrayed as to other people, especially young girls. In Mulan 2 you can see the little girls looking up to her, and she doesn’t need a man to do anything. The message and songs are very creative and symbolize a lot."

Kiki Pokala, 2019

2000-2009: Post-Renaissance Era

Lilo and Stich, 2002

"I like Lilo and Stitch. I like Hawaii a lot, and surfing."

Martha Hilty, 2021

Finding Nemo, 2003

"'Just keep Swimming' from Finding Nemo is my favorite quote because life throws you many unexpected obstacles but you have to keep working hard to accomplish your goals. Also I like this because people have many opinions about others and you gotta keep doing your own thing to make your own life story."

Matt Ferraro, 2020

Cars, 2006

"It combines all the elements of a good movie. It is a quest, personal growth. It’s a good development movie. It has every aspect. It has romance, it has action, comedy—everything you could want in a movie."

Alex Maclean, 2019

Ratatouille, 2007

"I like Ratatouille. I like how it’s French, but also creative, and how they use rats. And food’s cool."

Brooke Rameaka, 2022

Up, 2009

"It’s a great story, a tear jerker. The scene at the beginning with Carl and Ellie when there are no words and it tells the story of their life is just a great sequence."

Dennis Crowley, 2019

2010-present: Revival Era

Frozen, 2013

"My favorite Disney movie is Frozen. I think it’s a really feel good movie and has a very good message. I like how Elsa is able to change her ways for Anna."

Ryan Morano, 2019

Coco, 2017

"I’m into animation, and they do really cool animation and really great songs, and they speak Spanish. There’s great artwork and a cute storyline."

Jessica Elmhurst, 2022

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