A mother like you By: Mysterious V

This story is dedicated to all mothers in this world.

They've said that being a mother is hard, "you were meant to sacrifice a lot for your children" Mothers can not bare for seeing their children suffering. They'll do anything for their children.

Point of view

I am Kimberly Weston daughter of Anne Weston. My mom suffers a lot in giving our needs. When I was a new born, my dad passed at the age of 31 yrs. old, due to car accident. So in that case, my mom is the one who took care of me. When I become a teenager, everything change to me and the relationship between me and my mother.

I was dumb enough! I had no respect to my mom, I kept on yelling at her if I am mad. I let her do my responsibilities. I was lazy enough, I kept on disobeying my mother. And keep on hurting her. But although I was that kind of a Person, still she do everything for me. In my teenage level, I was stick of my friends, committing sins, and i have no care to my mom. And that's who I am.

The day comes. When I was with my friends in the party, I suddenly receive a call. I answered it, then that day I knew my mom died, due to accident. My tears fell down to my chicks, and I realize I need my mother. i regret the things I have done to her, but now is over and there is nothing to do with it. I missed all the time for her.

----- I am sorry Mom.

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