Gloom The story of Happiness,Sadness and Death

Summary: Once there was a little boy named Pinocchio, who was created by a puppet maker named Geppetto. Pinocchio lives his life to the fullest for 57 years, until he meets a canoeing accident. He sinks into the water. Eventually, his nose grows and grows and grows into a big beanstalk. After many centuries, the beanstalk grows to its maximum capability of reaching the sky. Pinocchio's body rots away.

Now comes Ariel after many years. She discovers a never-ending beanstalk. Hungry, Ariel rips a bit off of the plant and swims away, unaware that it's a sacred plant that may help her in the future.

The next morning, Ariel wakes up with a unusual shape for a tail. She checks, only to find that she does not have a tail, but a pair of long human legs! Shocked, Ariel slips away with her new "tail" and reaches the top of the shore. Up there, she looks upon a gorgeous but rather short man.

A storm comes. The ship which holds the handsome prince is tilting side to side. Screams are dispersed throughout the whole sea. The prince (Prince Eric) starts to fall out. Ariel quickly swims towards him and rescues him. From this moment on, Ariel has experienced true love and continues to express it. Prince Eric is also feeling the same way. After many days, Prince Eric goes to his father concerning about his true love with Ariel.

Meanwhile, the evil Sea Witch has heard about all of this "mishap". When Ariel had wanted to see the upper world, she had turned down the Sea Witch's offer. Anger spreads throughout her whole body. However, she doesn't know that Ariel had discovered the remedy by accident.

Will this be a happy ending, or will the bad be holding the victory in the end?


Formal Outfit

Ariel's hair will always be out.


Prince Eric:

Formal Outfit

Prince Eric will have short black hair, as in the first image.

Puppet Maker and Wood Cutter Geppetto:

The Sea Witch:

Human form

This story is set in the 20th century.

Ariel's bedroom

The banquet hall -where Ariel and Prince Eric get married.

The house that is fixed onto the ship. This is the house of Prince Eric's family.

The vehicles they used are carriages, whales, dolphins, and ships.

The food they ate:

The advantages of doing live action is that you have the ability of showing the body language and facial expressions of the character/s. However, live action cost too much. You have to pay the actors and employees.

The advantages of doing animation is that it can gain the viewer's attention very easily if you have eye-popping graphics. On the other hand, you must be comfortable with using the animation software, which can work against you.

I chose to do animated because it is a cheaper process to develop it. If I went with live action, there would be a big cost of paying all the employees. Also, sometimes you will have to pay to book the venue you will be shooting the movie at. We are on a sort budget, therefore doing animation is cheaper and more efficient.

In the summary below of the story, the camera directions are in brackets.

One autumn night, Pinocchio was invented by the woodcutter and puppet maker Geppetto

At an unfortunate time, Pinocchio drowns during a canoeing accident.

Pinocchio's nose started to grow and grow and grow until it became a large beanstalk that reached further than the top of the sea! (use Tilt going from bottom of beanstalk to top to show height)

Centuries later, Little Mermaid discovers the beanstalk. Since she is hungry, Little Mermaid rips a piece of and eats it. (Mid-shot)

When Little Mermaid wakes up, she discovers she has long and beautiful legs in replacement for a mermaid tail. (Close up)

Little Mermaid sees a handsome man aboard a ship. (Close-up when showing facial features)

Suddenly, a storm comes and the ship starts to sink. (Long shot of ship and sea)

Little Mermaid rushes to his aid and saves him from drowning. (Mid shot)

After talking and living with each other for a long time, Prince Eric and Little Mermaid fall in love. (Fading between each romantic scenes)

Throughout the whole scenario, the evil Sea Witch is disappointed in Little Mermaid's choice of not listening to her advice. The sea Witch plans a mysterious plot for the upcoming future. (Low angle, cut shot)

Their wedding day comes. All of the guests are enjoying themselves until... (Use pan to show guests)

BOOM! (slow and dramatic)

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Isha Takyar


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