Biology & Specialties Allee Young


  • Biology - "study of life"
  • Much more complex
  • Microbiology, botany, ecology, genetics
  • General biology major, genetics, wildlife biology

Why Biology?

  • Reading
  • Rock collection
  • Math nerd
  • National Academy for Future Scientists & Technologists

Biology Major:

  • "All men by nature desire to know" -Aristotle
  • Biology helps humans through understanding basic anatomy
  • Expand average human life expectancy

Biology Student:

  • Classes of science & math
  • Covers basic science skills
  • National Center for Education Statistics 90,000 bachelor's degrees given in 2011
  • Students rarely major in biology alone
  • School options vary
  • Wide career field of biology-based jobs


  • Study of heredity & trait transmissions
  • Human Genome Project of 2003
  • Genes could be collected, but their function unknown
  • Helps us understand complex diseases
  • Increase global health and environmental psychology

Genetics Student:

  • Science-intensive classes
  • Major in genetics with a genetics focus/specialty
  • Universities, pharmaceutical companies, health care facilities, & governmental agencies
  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics found a 5% job growth

Wildlife Biology:

  • Study of behavior of animals & their role in the ecosystem
  • Wildlife biology occupations do not open frequently
  • "A voice for the voiceless"
  • Typically described as "environmentalists"
  • Work in labs, offices, and the outdoors
  • Average Idaho wildlife biologist salary: $56,780

Wildlife Biology Student:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science Degree in wildlife related areas of study
  • Undergraduate in zoology, ecology, or even biology is recommended

In the end...

Biology is much more than the "study of life" and has a growing value of importance with every passing day

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