The Beauty of the Harn by Sana Moon

Death Giving Audience (1742) by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

TECHNIQUE OF THE ARTIST. This piece of artwork stood out to me the most because of the techniques instilled by the artist. Most of my own artwork is made in the medium of pen or is hatched. The hatch of this artist was incredible because it of its intricate detail and shading. I also always work in black and white because it accentuates the image that is trying to be portrayed. This specific image was a beautiful image with a contrasting theme of death and wealth.

DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM. The design of the museum is looks very open and free but there is actually very intricate elements put together to create such a beautiful setting. The exhibit made me feel new and awake. It felt new because, at each turn, I saw something new and different. For example, the video that was being projected in a empty hallway of a cultural dance and ritual of a tribe was something I did not expect to see. I felt awake because the light that reflected throughout the museum made everything seem brighter and there was beautiful scenery that surrounded the building so the use of windows definitely defined that beauty.

Guerrilla Girls' 1986 Report Card (1986)

ART AND CORE VALUES. This piece of work makes me feel like I need to make a change. The section in the museum dedicated to the Guerrilla Girls spoke to me and many of my friends because there were so many topics they covered that were important to our society. The fact that this issue is is still very prominent in our society, especially with the feminist movement, makes this piece of art very personal and important for our values.

Frida Looking Into Mirror (1944) by Lola Alvarez Bravo

ART AND THE GOOD LIFE. The Good Life is about reflecting and appreciate the good, and sometimes bad, that we have in our lives. Sometimes that requires celebrating these event and moments with others, but at times the best celebrations are done alone. Frida Kahlo looking at herself in the mirror could be interpreted as a celebration of herself and the way that she has grown and shown others the beautiful part of herself. She expresses her culture and her creativity with her beauty, her clothes, and her refusal to succumb to societal norms.


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