Boycotts By Anaka hanson

Montgomery Bus Boycott


  • The MIA wanted African Americans to not be required to give up their seats, African American bus drivers, and more respect toward African Americans
  • Although, 5 Montgomery women and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) were determined to integrate busses, and sued


Rosa Parks:

  • Wouldn’t give up her bus seat for a white person
Rosa Parks getting a mug shot, following her arrest

E.D. Nixon:

  • Bailed Rosa Parks out of jail and helped to plan the boycott

Women’s Political Council (WPC):

  • Motivated people to participate in boycotting the bus system, by sending out flyers

Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA):

  • Promoted the boycott, so that it would continue

Martin Luther King Jr.:

  • Was president of the Montgomery Improvement Association
Martin Luther King Jr. standing in front of a bus during the boycot
Martin Luther King Jr. talking to the Montgomery Improvement Association

African Americans:

  • Came together to boycott the bus system

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