The Farm Life "The life of the true"

"The Birth" (Synthesis)

Jeffery takes his first steps outside of his egg.
Synthesis is characterized by two or more substances combining to form a new compound

"Competitive Eater" (Single Replacement)

The unlucky puppy is outhustled for his food
One element takes the place of a similar (more active) element in a compound

"The Hay Switch" (Double Replacement)

The horses don't like their previous piles of hay. They decided to switch, since it's beneficial for both of them.
The metals switch places

"The Swine Flu" (Combustion)

Two pigs are healthy... until they are both infected by the ebola virus
A substance combines with oxygen, releasing large amounts of energy

"The Freedom" (Decomposition)

Geronimo the horse is free of his saddle
A compound breaks down into parts

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