Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing By:The Amazing Judy Blume/Presentation By: Jennie Le

Peter went to his friend, Jimmy's Birthday party, won a turtle, while Fudge ate rose petals.

This is a picture of a turtle to represent Peter's turtle (Dribble) The rose represents the rose petals Fudge ate, and the cupcakes are for Jimmy's birthday party.

Fudge doesn't want to eat his food. When Peter heard the problem, he found a solution. He said, "Eat it or Wear it". Then, after a few months, he gave up and started eating again.

Fudge didn't want to eat cereal so, he should try some tasty, colorful cereals, instead of eating plain, boring cereals.

Their dad (Warren) invited his friends to stay at their house for the weekend. They are scared of Peter's turtle (Dribble). The Yarby family's favorite drink is a healthy Juicy-O.

This is a healthy carrot juice.

Fudge has a birthday party with three other people, that are very different than Fudge. There is Jennie, Ralph, and Sam. Jennie bites people. Ralph loves to eat, he eats 24/7. And last but not least, Sam, Sam is scared of everything.

The fake fangs represents Jennie, the fruits represent Ralph, and the happy birthday stuff represents one of the things that Sam is scared of and it also represents Fudge's birthday party.

Peter, Jimmy, and Sheila are doing a school project about transportation. Peter does the poster with Jimmy, while Sheila does the booklet. One funny part in that chapter was Jimmy drawing a plane because the plane looked liked it was flying. Once they finish their project, Fudge has to be "a kid" and scribbles on their whole project.

These pictures are of a plane, train, and lots and lots of scribbles.

While their mom (Anne) is out of town for the weekend, they go to the movies and Fudge is a part of a bike commercial. Fudge also gets lost in the movies because he wanted to touch a bear, he thinks is real. When Anne is back she notices the commercial and can't believe that her son (Fudge) was in a commercial when she was gone.

The popcorn and bear represents the movies and the toddler bikes represents the commercial.

At the end of the story, Fudge swallows Dribble and it's a big problem. Fudge goes to the hospital to get Dribble out. Peter is devastated. Not about Fudge, but about dribble. When he heard that Dribble didn't make it, he was heartbroken. Everyone was paying attention to Fudge and giving him presents. Peter thought no one cared about him, but he was wrong. Warren and Anne got him his very own dog. Peter named the dog Dribble after his turtle. Fudge can't fit Dribble #2 in his mouth, again. Or can he!!!

The turtle represents Fudge swallowing Dribble. The heart represents how Peter is feeling about Dribble. The hospital represents Fudge going to the hospital. The presents represent what other people gave Fudge. It also represents the present Peter got from his parents. The dog represents his new dog (Dribble).

The End!!!

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