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Elizabeth Bishop's early years her dad died when she was eight months old. She was born on February 8, 1911 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Elizabeth was the only child, and later became an orphan. Her father was successful builder before he passed away. Her mother suffered metal illness in 1916, and she went to a metal hospital as well as her staying there until death. In her late childhood, her paternal grandparents won custody over her maternal grandparents. Later she earned her bachelor's degree in 1934 from Vassar College Poughkeepsie, New York.When she wrote poems she never wrote about her personal life, but when she did she did it in discretion. Bishop's early adulthood she got inheritance money from her deceased father.Without the inheritance money she wouldn't have travel around the world. After her inheritance money was running out. She started teaching at Harvard University four several of years.Couple of years after Elizabeth got out of college she first published her first poem in 1946. It was called "North & South". Bishop traveled to varieties of different country's and states. And one of them was Brazil and she lived there until fourteen years. Elizabeth Bishop was an major American poet in the 20th Century.

Kind of Poetry

Elizabeth Bishop wrote poems that were sorrowful and depressing poems. Most of her poems doesn't follow exact pattern as the other ones she wrote. Elizabeth's poems are more casual, conversational tone. Elizabeth Bishop was also a short-story writer. Elizabeth doesn't write about her personal life, but she focuses on the world around her instead.


Elizabeth was influenced by the Marianne Moore, and she was introduced by a librarian in Vassar College. She had close friends that were Robert Lowell, and Marianne Moore. They influenced Elizabeth throughout her life. Elizabeth's friendship was through letters, because of where she lived. They influence each other poetry, and they were her mentor.

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