Yuma Arizona By:Taylor


Yuma Arizona is located in the southwestern part of Arizona. It is bordered by Mexico, Utah, California, and Nevada. The Colorado River also runs along the border of Arizona, which is by Yuma. Yuma's population is 93,064 people. The temperatures in Yuma range from 45-125 degrees. The average precipitation ranges from .2 inches to .61 inches per year.


The first Europeans came to Yuma in 1540. Marcos De Niza was one of the most popular Europeans that came to Yuma. The Europeans came almost 80 years before the pilgrims did. In 1774 Yuma started using maps created by indians in Spain. Then In 1997 a record setting plane was given to Yuma.

This is what Yuma looked like after the first Europeans came. Also the picture in the top right corner is the record setting plane.

Yuma Territorial Prison

Yuma Territorial Prison was founded in 1876. They got there first seven inmates on July 1, 1876. The prison closed in 1901 and became a museum. Tourists come to see the old prison cells and bunks. When you enter the museum you will see pictures and the old clothes they had to wear. The Prison had 3,069 inmates.

West Wetlands Park

West Wetlands Park is a park in Yuma Arizona. There is a lake, picnic tables, playgrounds for little kids, and a waterfall. There is also food courts. They have tubes you can rent to go in the lake with.

This is a huge Park in Yuma with activities for all ages.


These are the painted elephants

The first Indians in Yuma painted elephants as a tradition. Every year the Indian culture would paint elephants that have to do with there ceremonial traditions. Also the Indians speak the Quechan language.


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