U.S Constitution 6 key Pricipals


Federalism is the division of power between states and the government. Examples of this represented in the constitution are; Article 1, section 10, clause 1, powers denied states. What this meant was denying the states from ruling all parts of the country as one government. Next in article 1, section 1, clause 9, it states powers denied congress,this states how the constitution limited power to the federal government so they didn't have complete control over the United States.

The Constitution

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty states that the government gets its power from the people. An example of this in the constitution is in the preamble, its also the first 3 and most common phrases from the constitution, "We The People." This means that every that was written in it (Government Power) Was deiced on by the people of the United States of America.

This Shows people, They gave Government its power.

Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances was a concept spoken about in the constitution that allowed the house of representatives, if they were doing something wrong or against the constitution to impeach the president or any other elected official out of office. In article 1, Section 2, Clause 5 it states that any elected official can be impeached.

This is Andrew Johnson, him along with Bill Clinton we impeached from being president.

Separation of Power

Separation of Power is the government being split into 3 different branches, Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. Each one has their own specific duties in the government. The judicial branch is in charge of the supreme court and in charge of justice. The Executive branch is the president. He approves laws sent form the Legislative branch. The Legislative Branch is made up of the senate and the house of representatives, They write the laws out. They separate the government into these 3 parts so no one person holds sole power in the government.

This is the Capital Building, where the House of Representatives meet

Limited Government

Limited Government is where the constitution limited the power of the government. since the united states had previously been governed by a monarchy and they did not like it. so made sure that they limit the governments power so they could not have a monarchy and remain a democracy.

This represents that the government being limited,similar to a speed limit road sign

Representative Government

Representative Government is, having people vote for a official to go to Washington D.C and represent your state or town.

This represents all of the elected officials meeting up in congress.

1. What were the 3 branches of government?

2. Who votes for the state officials?

3. Which of the 6 things states the governments gets its power from the people?

4. What article section and clause talks about limiting the states and government over the country?

5. What type of Government did the U.S have before it was free and what did they do so that cannot ever happen again.

6. Which of the 6 things we talked about states that you can impeach the president if he or she goes against the constitution?


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