Top Ten Cities to Visit in America By:Rachel Meyer

10.New Orleans, Louisianna

I would like to go to New Orleans, Loisianna.I would like to go see all of the fastinating bridges here.

9.Denver, Colorado

I want to go to Denver, Colorado because of the seaworld there.I want to go there because I want to see the aquarium there and the cool architechture.

8.Anchorage, Alaska

I want to go to Anchorage, Alaska because I want to see the Alaskan Muesum.I want to go see their culture and their fairs.

7.Honolulu, Hawaii

I want to go to Honolulu, Hawaii so bad.I want to go watch their traditional dances.I also want ot go to the beach there.

6. San Antonio, Texas

I want to go to San Antonio, Texas to walk on the Riverwalk.If I go there I would want to go see the animals at the zoo.

5.New York City

I want to go to New York City because I want to see the Statue of Liberty there.I think that it would be fasinating to try some New York Chessecake there.

4.Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada would be cool to go to some of the casinos there.I want to try some of the food their and compare it to our food back home.

3.Orlando, Flordia

I would like to go to Orlando,Flordia.They have many Disney themed fairs there.That is why I would like to go there.

2.Los Angeles, California

I would go to Los Angeles, California to see some of their atracttions.I wouold like to go the their bowl hall of fame.I would also like to see their buikding.

1.Hershey, Pennsylvania

I would like to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania.The attrations,candy is why I want to go.I really would like to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania.


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