Adopting Pets and Plants Staying at home all day can be boring, but adopt a pet or plant and gain a new friend!

Since March of 2020 we have all been staying home. Our house has now become our school or work place. If you’re feeling lonely or bored, a good way to help that is to adopt a pet or plant.

Senior Brian Martin adopted his dog, Laika, on Oct. 25th. He recently moved to a bigger space and his family always wanted a dog, so they adopted one. In these short few months with his new dog, Martin has already learned what having a new puppy entails.

“I’ve learned that you need a lot of patience when caring for a puppy as they don’t know a lot and they always make mistakes,” Martin said.

Photo: Brian Martin

“I’ve only had her for about two months so there’s nothing too interesting but, everytime I get home she greets me and every morning she comes running to my bed and tries to get up to lick my face. Her greetings always make my day,” said Martin

Senior Simon Rivera, adopted two kittens named Freya and Snowflake back in August. He had a mouse problem and this was a cheap solution since getting a rodent exterminator can be expensive. Even though Rivera initially adopted his kittens for his mouse problem, he has learned a lot about his kitten’s personalities.

Photo: Simon Rivera

“I learned that they are wild beasts that just want attention and food.”

Photo: Simon Rivera

English teacher Jorja Santillan, , adopted her pitbull terrier puppy, Zelley, from the Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco over Thanksgiving break. The organization saves dogs who were abandoned or escaped during the wildfires.

“I wanted to adopt a dog because I grew up having them as loyal companions in my life and I wanted my 6-year-old son Eugene to experience caring for a dog too. They become a part of your family, which I love,” said Santillan.

“We have been learning about her temperament. She loves to snuggle and nuzzle with her nose taking naps; she also likes to play often, especially tug-of-war. She is smart and has very quickly learned how to sit, stay, and get up on her hind legs. She has continued to build her strength since she was malnutritioned before and now she is happy, safe, and feeling much better,” said Santillan.

Celeste Munoz Mendez adopted a plant for biology class.

Photo: Celeste Munoz Mendez

“I adopted a plant and it’s name is called a fast plant, it’s for my biology class. It’s supposed to grow super fast on it’s own with just a small amount of water,” said Munoz Mendez.

Even though Munoz Mendez didn’t choose to adopt the plant on her own, she found herself fond of taking care of plants during this quarantine. She’s learned so much while taking care of her plant.

“I have learned that it’s like a baby where it needs taking care of and you can’t just let it be there or else it will get sad and die,” said Munoz Mendez.

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