Wide Awake by katy perry


I didn't take any photos because the three lyrics I have chosen didn't fit what the lyrics are on if I did take any photos, but wide awake line 1 was from a high angle and was shot as long shot(LS), the rest was from a level angle and long shot. The program I have used is photoshop and the tools are masking tool,burn and doge tool,eraser, quick selection, the blur tool. And the paint The masking tool was used for wide awake line 3 first I choose a heart that is split open then I choose black and white stars for the heart and then coloured like rain picture to fill in the split open part in the heart and made it like the colour is spilling out with the eraser. With the burn and doge tool I used them for line 1 and line 2 to brighten the girl and darken the edges of the picture, the quick selection tool used for selecting the cloths of both girls and coloured them with paint and then I used blur to blur out the lines that connects to another colour.


the images are in working order, the hurdles I have came over was the difficulty using the quick selection tool and the paint. The effect I have put in aren't my best because I am not used to drawing or painting with a mouse but I am satisfied with what I've done because I have enjoyed this assignment and quickly done the images as planed. The concept of my work was easily done as I knew what the lyrics are, the process had difficultly because I could only do it once or twice a week as I didn't have photoshop in my computer, the success I could have done more but with the limitation from the process held me back.

photo shot 1

this photo is about this girl facing her demons but is overwhelmed by the hate and despair that the demons hold and the girl is tightly holding her hope.

photo shot 2

this photo is about the same girl but she is falling deeper in despression and her demons are waiting for her in the dark

photo shot 3

this photo is about the girls heart being over flooded by emotions and her heart is darkening and her emotions are going away


Created with images by Shingo_Nono - "sunset sun landscape"

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