Crazy Paint Challenge SPRING Art Crawl 2017

Carolyn Furlong at the beginning of the challenge.
Rachel Xydes begins.
The block in stage.
Liz Rhodes creating a delicate hummingbird--pretty impressive since she's using her non dominant hand!
Marc Anderson blocking in a tree scene.
Zach Jules means business when laying down his colors!
Jeanne Kosfeld is smiling away as she lays the foundation of her painting.
Naomi Tiry Salgado digging into her paints.
Definite progress, Carolyn!
Rachel brings new meaning to using her non dominant hand to paint--no more brush!
Liz is giving the hummingbird some flowers to sip from.
Those trees are looking quite dimensional, Marc! But I think your palette knife is in your right hand... hmmm...
Naomi has switched to her knife.
Zach has laid in his UFO and is starting to give it personality.
Jeanne is always smiling!
Time's up! 30 minutes goes by fast when you're having fun!
Created By
Naomi Tiry Salgado

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