Of Mice and Men By john steinbeck

Steinbeck grew up in the Salinas, CA
Steinbeck's stories were Californian based, such as The Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck was a hired hand at Californian Ranch in which is why his novels are based on Californian events.
A mental disability is when there are limits to one's mental ability. This is caused by injury, disease, and problems in the brain.
A caregiver is someone who takes care of one with mental disabilities.
People with mental disabilities often struggle in daily life by adapting at a school environment.
Being friends with one who is mentally disabled helps them be a more happy and caring person.

In the 1930's the mentally disabled were not treated for but now people care for them and help them develop.

The IDEA Act ensures the mentally disabled get free education.

There are many ways we can help the mentally disabled.

If i become a friend of one with a disability i can help them develop and be there for them for their life.












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