The Evolution of Archie By: Breanna K

In 1941 Archie Andrews hit comic books in his first ever appearance. He began with a nerdy look as he wore V-neck vests, a bowtie, had his pants folded 3/4, had 40s hair and wore dress shoes from the 1940s. During this time period, Archie was a shy but very troublesome teen.
In the 1950 Archie had dramatic change to his physical appearance. His hair was lifted for volume, his eyebrows and smile were very broad, his freckles are closer together and the look of his nose changed. Archies attire had some slight changes, vest is a round neck and more bolder, his pants were checkered and the belt is gone. His look was more normal teen. In 1950s Archie became independent, extroverted but still troublesome.
In the 1960s Archie looked very similar to the 1950 Archie. During this time, Archie's head was adjusted to look more realistic, his pants are straight, the vest is less bold and his shoes don't have laces. His personality is more friendly, outgoing and extroverted, but will always be troublesome.
In the 1970s Archie developed a preppy style and began to wear different combinations of clothes. His main look was a polo shirt or a button up with a sweater. He was a very optimistic person in the 1970s. Archie had a unique personality, protective, goofy, but sill troublesome.
In the 1980s Archie had further developed his preppy style to the fullest extent, he wore sneakers, rolled up his sleeves and had an open collar. Archie started to speak his mind in the 80s but, he is still the goofy, friendly, optimistic, independent, caring, extroverted and troublesome Archie we know.
In the 1990s Archie's personality and look began to stay consistent.
In the 2000s Archie changed his look from preppy to an athletic/jock by wearing a plain shirt, pants, sneakers and a varsity jacket. However, his personality didn't change.
From 2010 - 2014 (Archie was shot in 2014) Archie further developed his athletic look into the modern ways. His unique personality remained the same and passed on with him in 2014. He died as the Archie everyone had known and loved throughout the years.
A year after (2015) Archie's death, a new comic was released named "New Archie." In this modern day comic, Archie has a laid back athletic/jock appearance.
This year (2017), a television show named "Riverdale" was released, it uses the characters from the Archie series and places them in a murder-mystery scenario. In this show Archies personality is different from the comic books. He is protective, extroverted, athletic, honest, kind and musically inclined. However, Archie still maintains an intense athletic/jock appearance.
Created By
Breanna Khameraj

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