Making a Spark Page From inside ADOBE Spark Page

Adobe Spark Page is a great way to tell a beautiful story using photos, videos, text and web links. Use or the iOS app to create and edit your Spark Page. All Spark Pages look great on web browsers and mobile browsers.

Here is a brief 90 second video that gives an overview of what Adobe Spark Page is and how it could be used in the classroom for students to display their learning.

Now that you have some understanding of what Adobe Spark Page can do, here is a breakdown of some of the features.


Themes allow you to add a different style to the whole page. Select a minimalistic theme or something very fancy. Either way, make sure it helps tell your story and not get in the way of your story.

Here are just four of the different theme options.

Add Photos:

You can add photos from your device/computer, as well as photos from various cloud based storage services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Dropbox and Google Photos.

This is a photo using the "find photos" option and searching for "computer".

You can also search for creative commons photos that help tell your story using "find photos". Spark Page will even help cite the photos at the bottom of your page, so that you can be a responsible digital citizen.

Here is a photo grid using the "find photos" option and again searching for "computer".

You can add individual photos, a photo grid or a photo glideshow. The glideshow makes photos full screen and allows you to put text, videos and links on one side while gliding between photos. You will see examples of the glideshow below.

Add Text:

You can customize the style of the text in Spark to look many ways. You can use the standard BOLD & ITALICS, as well as making text links and choosing the text alignment.

H1 creates section titles according to your theme.

H2 creates larger text or subtitles according to your theme.

The quote button allows you to share quotes that stick out, according to the theme.
  • Adding bullet points are also an option.
  • Don't worry, they aren't as violent as they sound.
  1. Lastly, you can also make numbered lists.
  2. Numbered lists can help prove your point!

Add Links:

You can add links within text and with buttons. Buttons stand out more than the standard link if you don't use too many of them.

Add Videos:

You can add video to your Spark Page via links from Spark Video, YouTube or Vimeo. Here is the brief 90 second video of me that I posted earlier on the page.


Click the preview button on the top of the screen to see what your viewers will see.


To share your Spark Page, click the share button at the top of the screen. Select a category, how you want the work attributed and if you want your page to show up search engine results.

Screenshot from sharing screen via the iOS app.

There is nothing to download, just a link to share via email, social media and most modern learning management systems.

If you make any edits after you first share or publish your Page, you will need to click share again and "update link". The public link will not change, only the content on the page will be updated.

Make sure you click update link if you make edits after you first share your Page.

Adobe Spark Page Examples:

Journalism Example: Steroid Nation

Sports Example: The Game

Traveling Example: Sanpya Fish Market:

Music Example: SXSW 2016:

Journaling Example: Journey On Foot Across The Nepal Himalaya:

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Please let me know what you think of this Spark Page about Spark Page on Twitter. Also, feel free to use the appreciate button below!

Created By
Scott Sheeler


Created with images by whatleydude - "Inception: Paris Edition" • Lalmch - "computer macbook tablet" • StartupStockPhotos - "children win success" • freephotocc - "cup of coffee laptop office" • StartupStockPhotos - "student typing keyboard" • tpsdave - "columbus ohio city" • dok1 - "Octagon House" • See1,Do1,Teach1 - "The Ohio Stadium (Vintage)"

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