Future of Wearable Technology How are We impacted

What if we could be using a wearable device where you can monitor your vitals such as your blood pressure or blood sugar levels on your wrist that stores the numbers on your smart phone and then it sends the numbers to your loved ones., saving them time and resources especially for those that suffer from diabetes.
What if we can use the wearable to manage our own health and store the info on our smartphones so we can improve our own physical and mental wellbeing which will change the way things are being done today.
What if Diabetics and Hypoglycemics no longer have to have their fingers pricked while measuring blood sugar levels anymore, as a Hypoglycemic I have to have measure my blood sugar levels by using a Testing Kit, What if there is no need for the testing kit due o an Innovation where your blood sugar is testing without a single prick.

What if we can all embrace these new wearable and mobile technologies so that we are able to better manage our own day to day lives so we can live more productive lifestyles while we are being more intelligent in living healthier lifestyles while we cut down our risks for preventable conditions such as diabetes, heart issues due to hypertension and high blood pressure.

Imagine If we can as a society get rid of the obesity outbreak that is occurring in our society as a whole while giving our populations the tools to better manage our own physical and mental health issues.

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