Texas revolotion By andrew and quentin

Key people

Santa Anna: He suspended mexico Republican constitution and he turned his attention to the growing unrest in Texas.

Stephen. F. Austin: He stared the Texas colonel on the Colorado river and he also made the old 300.

Colonel Williams Travis: He was a commander of a small force the acquitted the Alamo

Sam houston

Sam Huston: He was the hero of the new independent nation of Texas.

Chain of events leading to Texas.

Mexican independence: mexico gained there independence from Spanish monarcy

battle of Gonzales: The Mexican army tried to take a cannon from Texas and they had a spacial phrases that was come and take it

battle of gonzales

battle of Alamo: the Mexican troops gathered at the Alamo they where stalling because because hey had less than 200 troops.

battle of San jacinto: the texans captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty giving Texas there indpendence

result of Texas revolution

Texas brought in american settlers called the old 300 it was 300 families Settlers often borught slaves with them.

President Andrew Jackson refused to let taxes annexed to united states.

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