Digital Labs Training Plan year one

The General Plan

We will be using the Science department Tuesday morning meetings, which are scheduled once per month to train with our new digital sensors, as well as the software that analyzes the data collected. This will amount to 7 sessions throughout the year. In addition, there will 2 optional after school sessions, one per semester for any further training or clarification on the new equipment.

Session 1: Logger Pro

In session 1 we will be learning about the software, both on the iPad, and on a regular computer that students will use to analyze the data that their sensors have collected. It is called LoggerPro, and it is an award winning piece of software that students have been using with calculator-based labs for many years, and students are now using with mobile devices. Bring your iPads to this training--you will learn by doing! You'll be given a data set and you will learn how the interface works by analyzing the data yourself.

Session 2: Making Connections

In this session, we will learn how to turn on sensors, how to keep them powered, how to connect them to the wireless data feed, and how to pair the wireless data feed with a mobile device. Once again, bring your iPads, because you'll be learning by practicing.

Session 3: Your First New Lab

Before this session, you will be emailed a lab handout that will come with teacher instructions, as well as the information your students will need. With your subject partner, you will conduct this new lab yourselves, as if you were a student. Each subject will have a different lab to do.

Sessions 4, 5: Next New Labs

These sessions will be a repeat of session 3, except the lab will be a different one, and the sensor you'll be using will most likely also be different from the one you used last time. Once again, bring your iPads!

Session 6: Seeing All the Sensors

This will be a cross training event. To this point, you've only had experience with the sensors that pertain to the subject that you teach. At this session, you will have the opportunity to see all of the sensors that we currently have, and get a general idea of how they all work, and what they all do. During this session, we will also go over some of the details about maintenance and storage for the new equipment.

Session 7: Review

The three labs that you did in the previous sessions represent the 25% increase in digital labs that you will be implementing with your students next year. In this session, we will do a final review and answer any outstanding concerns about next year's implementation.


  • Biology/Anatomy: Young Min, Hannah, Kylie
  • Chemistry: Marsha, Clarissa
  • Physics/Engineering: John, Allie


We will meet in Marsha Tarr's lab for these trainings. You will be sent all pertinent documents and links ahead of time which will be needed for each session. If you have any questions, please ask your fellow subject teachers, or myself:


Pictures taken by Thomas White on his iPhone.

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