Every Day Life In France For A Child

Children in France wake up at around 7:15AM ready to go to school they usually eat toast or cereal and drink tea or hot chocolate head out for the day at 9AM
They go to school, They usually have tech class, gym, and French( same as our French class since they are taught English all day long) at the start of the day.
They usually have lunch around 1PM. The Cafeteria usually sells Fish, Sandwiches, Crepes, Bread, Salad, Potatoes, Fruit, Vegetables, and lots of dessert.
After Lunch they usually have math and science then they go home.
When They go home at 3:30 they usually play sports or basically do what we usually do what we do,
The Kids usually have dinner and play around or watch t.v. they go bed around 9:00 and await the next day


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