Behind The Scenes With Sarah and The Pirates

Welcome to the Ever After Blog!

I’m very excited to be opening up this blog with an article about our Pirates Photo Shoot with Sarah Sovereign Photography.

We have been working with Sarah Sovereign photography since the very beginning of our company, when she graciously designed our amazing logo, and gave a lot of her creativity to our very first photo shoot to premiere of the first two characters that we debuted. It’s always a joy to work with Sarah, so when she approached us about becoming members of her photo subscription club, we jumped at the chance! The very first shoot that we scheduled with her under her new subscription service for businesses was a photo shoot for our new characters, the Pirates!

One of our stuffie pals gets in on the photo shoot action!


I’m always amazed at the nooks and crannies that Sara finds in the Fraser Valley to showcase the beauty of this place that we live in. Ironically, the top location that she thought would be great for a Pirates was called Peg Leg Bar, a Fraser River access point near Fairfield Island!

Magic Hour

After we nailed down the location for this amazing photo shoot, I uttered the phrase, “We meet at dawn!” And so we did. A few very sleepy Pirates piled into a car a few days later and drove to Peg Leg just before the sun rosee. We all stumbled to the shoreline and waited for the magic to happen. And when it did, it was as always, wonderful.

Time to Play!

One of the most important elements of a great photo shoot is that people have a lot of fun! Luckily, Pirates know how to have fun. It's one of the requirements for a life at sea, I believe... Once the light was in just the right place, they had a jolly good time showcasing their brand of fun!

Several sword fights later, the sun moved up in the sky and magic hour was over. Our pirate friends moved on to the next activity of the day (a STRONG cup of coffee) and Sarah was off to her next shoot for the day. A few days later, she sent the edited photos to me, and I was simply overjoyed with the results! We were very lucky to have such amazing images to share with the world when we debuted our new Pirate Party Pack at Ever After Princess Party Events!

Thanks for checking out the Ever After Blog! If you're interested in booking our pirates for a party, check out our Pirate Page for more information!


Sarah Sovereign Photography

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