General Education and Course Outcomes How class activities promote learning

Welcome to Ferris State University incoming class of 2021! Throughout your time here at this amazing university you'll pick up and gain so many educational skills that you'll carry with you until graduation. Make sure you absorb all you can during class activities to promote your learning. In this spark page i'm going to be providing examples of everyday class activities which benefit you in completing course outcomes and how you can use these skills in the future.

Peer reviewing with your fellow classmates is a great way to improve content and style by using feedback from one another. It also helps analyze the context and purpose of a writing problem while having somebody else go over your work. and lastly it helps when we critique other’s drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem.

In this photo we have two students reading and discussing each others rough drafts. This happens so we can create the best work we can and help each other make progress while learning by helping discover our strong and weak points in our work and try to make it even better. What we learn from this is that nobody is perfect and sometimes all we need is a fresh set of eyes to help us realize what we still need to work on and we can carry this peer review type of help for future reference in the rest of our classes whether it's english or not.

Collectively working as a class to complete the assignments you need to finish helps you adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required of you to pass the class.

In this photo we have a class workshop where we are all completing journals and other assignments we have not finished yet. This happened so we can peer review resources at hand and also the professor so we can complete the assignments we need to while having those helpful resources at hand incase we need them. What we learn from this for future actions is to take the time we're given and use it properly and accordingly so we can promote our learning experience to the fullest.

Another great outcome of taking advantage of peer reviewing is that once you get used to that style of working you can work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials. While choosing words an tone of voice appropriate to a given audience.

In this photo we have two girls going over class work and helping each other revise their work so they can receive the best grade possible. This happened because working on your own only goes so far, everybody needs that second input to work effectively, a fresh set of eyes can help identify what words don't fit in with the tone of the rest of your assignment and help you choose new ones. Also they can help identify what needs to be added/taken out. You can use this outcome in future situations by realizing that nobody knows everything, there's always somebody out there who can help you improve your writing skills and help you produce some of the best work possible.

Spending time going over your completed work and analyzing what is wrong with it and what needs to be revised helps you properly edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuations. Also doing this helps you organizing ideas effectively while choosing words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience.

In this photo i'm in FLITE library working on my unit 3 adobe spark page. When this photo was taken I was in the beginning stages of creating the page while I was trying to figure out what tone I was going to use and how to organize my page to fit my ideas accordingly. This assignment was near the end of the semester so I was trying to remember all the skills i've learned throughout the class so i could effectively create this page the first time and not have as many mistakes as I usually do. This happened so I could apply my skills into making and arguing a point by providing examples and proof of what I was trying to support. I could apply these skills in the future by taking my time beginning my assignments so I can use the correct tone and organize my ideas effectively to create the best work I could possibly could.

Learning how to correctly use the library's databases will help tremendously when trying to assess sources and information and also will assist you while you analyze the writing situation, identify needed information, and locate the appropriate information for the writing

In this photo we're learning how to access and properly navigate the library's databases so we can properly find sources for our unit 4 research argument. We're doing this so next year when we actually construct a real annotated bibliography we'll know how to find our sources and which ones apply to our writing situation and identify what type of sources we still need to complete the assignment and how to locate them. I'll most definitely use this in the future for research arguments in other classes and will know how to properly find the appropriate sources needed, plus it's always good to know how to use all of the resources you pay for here at Ferris State University.

Above are some more examples of peer review work in class. While these photos were taken students were editing documents, finally figuring out what tone correctly fits their assignment, fixing grammar, spelling, and writing errors, and just simply improving their work in general.

Setting up conferences with your professors to discuss your projects is always good when needing help analyzing and defining the purpose of your writing and the needs of your intended audience.

In this photo i'm scheduling a conference with you to discuss my unit 2 rough draft. I'm doing this because I needed help identifying the purpose of my writing and what I need to improve on to meet the needs of my audience and being steered in the right direction always helps. I'll carry this tool with me throughout the rest of my educational career because meeting with your professor to help you understand what you're supposed to do to meet the purpose and requirements of your writing is so beneficial to you and your education.

Taking advantage of learning resources available to you and absorbing all of the teaching it gives will help you produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics.

McGraw-Hill Connect is a program used in this section of english 150, in the above photo we have a student currently working on her study session. We complete the learning connect so we properly learn how to use the english language and strengthen our sentence structure, and grammar skills. You answer questions and then rate yourself on how well you know it and the learning connect adapts to the specific student's learning progress and truly helps you understand the parts of the language that you don't. You'll carry the english language with you for the remainder of your life so learning how to sharpen your skills and become a better speaker and writer is always a valuable skill to earn. Plus knowing how to write proper and precise will help you out in future classes and could possibly also help you land a job someday.

Understanding the assignment when it is first assigned is a key factor in the success of said assignment, so paying attention while it is being explained and asking questions to fully analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively is so important.

In the above three photos we have different occasions where we are being introduced to an assignment (left: unit 4 introduction, middle: unit 2 introduction, right: final project pinterest page help) and we are starting to ask questions and analyze our writing situation and brainstorm ideas and thoughts for said assignment. This happened so we could be introduced to the assignment and what it asks of us, analyzing our writing situation as quickly and thoroughly as possible helps us organize our ideas an thoughts properly which in turn benefits the final outcome of our assignment. Analyzing your current situation and organizing thoughts around it is something you'd be able to carry with you your entire life. Because wandering around unorganized and not knowing whats going on is never good for anybody.

stating and support assertions is something that you're going to have to perform over and over throughout your college career so learning how to do it properly and precisely is a crucial outcome you need to absorb mentally.

In the photo listed we have a source used to back up a claim in an annotated bibliography. We research our claims so we can back them up on a paper to the best of our ability. Being able to make a claim/argument and having the proper evidence to back it up and prove your point is not only a school lesson but a life lesson. People will take you seriously if you put your money where you mouth is and have the credibility and sources to back up whatever you're trying to prove. So taking this outcome seriously will not only benefit you in college but it'll benefit you for the rest of your life.

Every great paper/assignment starts off with locating reliable sources to assist in developing ideas. Whether your sources are scholarly or not, having the proper ones to help your specific assignment plays a crucial part in the development of ideas to complete your paper.

In the two photos above we have completely opposite kinds of sources, on the left side we have a magazine which could attribute to our unit 2 assignment. And on the right we have somebody on the FLITE library's database page trying to locate scholarly sources. We locate these sources because without them we cannot properly develop ideas let alone back them up and use them as evidence. Always knowing to find the most reliable and relevant source to your topic will help the ideas come to you because nothing is harder than trying to complete a writing goal with a huge case of writer's block before you even begin.

The examples i've listen above are not the only examples of everyday class activities promoting learning and completing course outcomes. Throughout your time in English 150 with Dr. Pavletic you're introduced to so many new activities that are without you knowing it teaching you valuable course outcomes that you'll be able to carry with you to apply to the rest of your courses here at Ferris State University. Make sure that you're actively looking out for these subtle lessons that are being taught to you throughout peer review, conferences, being introduced to new assignments, and all of the other possible ways to improve you as a writer.

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