Life in Tunisia By lauryn r

The Salhi family is a Tunisian family of five. They live in Tunis, Tunisia (the capital of Tunisia). Mabrouk the father is 52 years old and is a gardener. His wife Jamila is 44 years old and she runs a home based bakery. They have 2 children and Mabrouks mother lives with them. All five of the Salhi's live in a 2-bedroom house. The family makes $209 a month. The next big thing they plan to buy is a new stove burner. They hope that one day they will be able to fulfill their dream of buying a house for their children.

What does health care look like in Tunisia, well there is health insurance and benefits run by "Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie”. The coverage works like this, State-owned health facilities and hospitals provide free services to all Tunisian citizens and residents in Tunisia. Services they provide are

- health centres providing primary care,

- district and regional hospitals,

- university hospitals

In the big cities in Tunisia, they have hospitals and equipment matching European levels. There are many doctors who have attended universities in Europe.

The diseases that are in Tunisia are dangerous but preventable. The diseases consist of malaria, and also of bilharzia and to a lesser extent plague, sandfly and dengue fevers, smallpox, and hookworm.

Compared to the other 53 countries in Africa tunisia has a pretty good access to resources. 100% of urban Tunisia's population has clean drinking water , 79.8% of Tunisia's rural population has clean drinking water which means 91.6% of the whole population have access to clean drinking water.

Access to sanitation facilities are pretty good also. 97.4% of urban population has access to sanitation facilities, 79.8% of rural population have access to sanitation facilities. Which means 91.6% of the whole population has access to sanitation facilties

Tunisia is a tourist hotspots, from famous mosques, meuseums, beaches and ancient remains. Tourism has created 277 million jobs in Tunisia. But since the mass shooting in the summer of 2015 at the tourist resort at Port El Kantaoui where thirty-eight people were kill tourism has gone down and is struggling to increase. The unemployment rate is now 15.34%, sure it is better than 2011 where the unemployment rate was 18.90% but with the lacking tourism we don't know if this rate will get better or worse.

Crime Rates

Level of crime: 34.68 Low

Worries home broken and things stolen: 30.47 Low

Worries being mugged or robbed: 42.97 Moderate

Worries car stolen: 31.25 Low

Worries things from car stolen: 41.67 Moderate

Worries attacked: 29.03 Low

Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion: 21.77 Low

Problem people using or dealing drugs: 28.91 Low

Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft: 34.38 Low

Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery: 26.56 Low

Problem corruption and bribery: 64.52 High

Early Childhood Care and Education

Preschool education in Tunisia is for children aged 3 to 6 years. This level of education is optional, and is offered by kindergartens, kouttabs, and other preschool educational institutions.

BBasic education in Tunisia is compulsory to attend and last for 9 years. This level of education is split up into 2 stages:

(First stage) Primary education: This educational level last for 6 years, and provides basics in written and oral expression, as well as arithmetic and reading.

(Second stage) Lower secondary/preparatory education: This educational level last for 3 years, and deepen the basic education. Also, it develops the communication skills of the students in Arabic and 2 foreign languages.

Certificate Awarded: At the end of basic education, pupils must undertake a national examination and those who pass the exam are awarded a diploma/certificate of basic education.

When it comes to primary school enrolment 97% of females enrole and 97% of males enrole.


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