A Prickly Predicament By: Aidan Figueira

Throughout our entire friendship, I never thought that a game of football would make Michael want to call the quits. Michael was backdoor neighbors with my aunt therefore I would go over his house regularly. Instead of going home on my bus, I would go home on Michael’s bus then go to my aunts and do whatever I had to do .

Every once in awhile my cousin and I would go to Michael’s house after school to play basketball, baseball, and or football. Every game would almost always end up in a stupid argument over an even stupider call. One day I texted him and asked him if he wanted to play a game of football, he said sure and we met up at his house a little while later. In the time between me going to Michael’s, I got into a slight disagreement with my aunt that quickly escalated for no apparent reason. This got me frustrated and led me to doing something that I never thought that I would do.

I can be a poor sport sometimes and I never like to lose, so I make sure that I don't lose. My cousin and I make a pretty good team and were losing for the first time in a while and I was getting frustrated at my cousin for playing bad, when I was the one who was playing poorly. My cousin was giving great passes and was blocking players, but I was dropping those passes and running out of bounds for no reason. Eventually, we got the lead back and I probably shouldn’t have been mad, but I was still mad for some reason. The game continued and eventually we took a break from the game because we were all tired, so we grabbed something quick to eat.

“Can you guys hurry up and finish eating your food! You’re taking forever and I have to go soon, so lets start playing again already ," I yelled in a demanding tone.

When we were eating, I wanted nothing to do with my friends, absolutely nothing. I ate my food and just snap chatted my other friends, I basically excluded myself from everyone until we started playing again.

Once the game started we got into an argument over who had the ball and where we would start the drive on the field. This made me so mad because I found it so stupid that we were actually fighting over this. My cousin and I eventually gave Michael’s team the ball and we started playing again. Within five minutes of playing the game I decided to make a dirty play. Michael received the ball and as he was running, instead of doing to hand touch, I charged toward him and and tackled him into the surrounding thorn pushes .

Almost immediately, I realized that by hitting him into a thorn bush didn’t help my team, the only thing it did was make me look like a jerk and ended the game. Michael seemed to be in some pain and he was having a hard time getting out of the bush, so I offered to help him get out.

“Ouch,” Michael exclaimed. “Why would you do that, I didn’t even do anything!!!”

I giggled with laughter at the fact that Michael had thorns all over him, but I knew I probably shouldn’t have been laughing.

To be honest I couldn’t stop laughing, because it was just one of those scenarios where you really shouldn’t be laughing but you still continued to.

“Stop laughing, it’s not funny, like you really could have hurt me,” Michael said as he walked into his house.

Once he was out I told him that I was sorry that I tackled him into the thorns, but he was mad and didn’t want to talk and I could see why. So, I gave him some space because he wasn’t in the talking mood. Eventually, I apologized for the second time and that he was really mad at me and that it hurt because of the thorns. A few days later he came over my aunts after school and Said that he forgave me for hitting him into the bush but told me that it was cool that I did that, I said that I realize that I was wrong, and we went and started a game of basketball.

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