Brainwashed By KMFDM

Our Time Will Come

2014 | Electronic

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"You have been trained to obey nquestioningly. -- To only speak when asked, not see the forest for the trees."


  • Our Time Will Come is the nineteenth album by KMFDM.
  • The album was considered a return to the bands classic sound.
  • Brainwashed is at the standard 120 BPM for the genre.


Luke Tatum

I thought we might change the pace a bit, after the relatively soft-styled tunes from "Taxation is Theft Week." This one cuts to the chase in the way that only KMFDM can. If you "drink the Kool-Aid," this song will be too much to swallow. The mechanistic nature of their signature industrial style really lends itself to the central lyrical thrust: you're a sheep, manufactured by a system that only wants you as long as you are obedient. Or, as they put it: "You are remote controlled; Being told that you're free!" and "Got all kinds of opinions; None of them your own; Engrafted, instilled; You're a pathetic clone." It's a bit of self-deprecation that's worth spending some time in. This kind of stuff summons a hatred in me that I can experience, examine, and use to refocus my energy on "Our Enemy, the State." I am not, and have never been, a violent person. But this kind of exercise gives me a mind like a razor, poised to strike a the roots of the state. Perhaps that's giving myself too much credit, but those are the kinds of things I write listening to these guys.

Sherry Voluntary

This song pulls no punches! It calls people back to critical thinking and taking responsibility for getting informed and protecting your rights. I love the line “ a dull blade easy to please.” Unfortunately, it is an apt description for many who have not sharpened themselves with knowledge and critical thinking skills. I know with so many voices, it is not easy to find “the truth” these days, but the fact that it’ hard only means we need it that much more. Also, the public school system certainly isn’t going to teach you the skills that help you question their narrative. There is no voting our way out of this. It’s going to take people with critical thinking skills to bring about change, I encourage you to develop those skills, because armed with that, you may be able to avoid the traps.

Nicky P

I had a rough time feeling pumped about my political beliefs today. I watch the endless virtue signalling for money and volunteers within the libertarian party. They Fight valiently to become relevant politically, taking anyone who will wear the LP label no matter how far from principle they fall as long as it helps them take power from the two major parties. NEver thinking about what that will turn the party into when they owe favors to all those people that alowed them to take that control. On the other hand we've gotten to see firsthand what simply opting out gets you. Julian Assange lost his diplomatic protection perhaps unrelated to a 4+ billion dollar loan from the IMF to equador. A few days later, the first seastead was boarded by the Thailand military and its first occupants are on the run from the death penalty and being slandered by the Thai government. At least I can feel solace in songs like this where we can look around and see the obvious. Everyone around us clearly has been brainwashed so thoroughly they cant see the cage being built around them. Bars being replaced with concrete, more of the light disappeers everyday. Worse yet instead of standing by idly they cheer on the building. Not every moment of being redpilled feels great. Know if nothing else, you're not alone.

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Nicky P

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