Feudal Japan By kevin mai

The Feudalism

Feudalism System

The feudalism is a rank system to kept people organize. It was used between 9th to 15th centuries to show who have more powers and less powers. Which the emperor but how ever the emperor could be over throw. The bottom of the rank is the merchants. The merchants made their living of charging interest on money loaned to the samurai and farmers. Which The merchants get protection from the samurai which there a balance. There is other ranks which is shogun, diamyos, samurai, ronin, peasants, and artisans. This help the society structure by keeping people in place in which they each have a task in what to do. This is important because without this there will be a protest between each others.

Japan's rank system

Samurai's Code of honor

The Samurai code also know as Bushido is a rule for samurai to follow, in order to be a samurai. This rule include respect, bravery, honesty, and loyalty. If a samurai don't follow this rule then they have to suffer to kill themselves to show that they are sorry to broke the rule. It was developed between 16th and 20th centuries. This help the society structure because it shows that their emperor is the most important thing in their life. Without this society structure, the emperor will not get any protection or respect which maybe lead to easy death for the emperor by invader.

Samurai's Code of honor

Japan's Geography

Japan's Geography is a chain of many islands from the northern pacific ocean. many of this island is helpful for themselves because there some area that can farm on. Also it also help Japan's fisherman catch fish because the island is surrounded by water which in water there are fish. This made trading easier because they could travel by ships to get across from island to other island to trade. This society structure help their life by protection surrounded by water which made invader suffers disaster on water like heavy rain, heavy winds, big wave that can flip over ships, and thunderstorms. Without this society structure, it made invader to invade easier japan. Also it made maybe suffer from starving.

Japan's Geography


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