Hardy Boys: Hunting for Hidden Gold By: Franklin w. Dixon

Genre- mystery/fiction


After Big Al, a robber looking for hidden gold, is fighting the Hardy boys to find the gold. They get stuck in a mine and have to race Big Al and his gang through the mine to find the treasure. Without the help of their father, a detective, they escape from the mine , with the gold, and send Big Al and his gang to jail.


I would recommend this book to any reader that likes a good mystery. I think they would like this book because the author leaves the reader with great suspense and they book is action- packed.

Literary Praise

"I enjoyed “Hunting For Hidden Gold”, volume 5, infinitely better than the former. We stick to good detective work, struggles and efforts that were quite arduous, and reasonable fear. Suspects and motives weren’t obvious at all. They entailed a back story at a scope that precedes the novel by a decade or more, which a reader couldn’t guess and must await filling in. Best of all, we travel from their community. This presented a fresh panorama of adventures." -C.

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