Etiquette during the Victorian Era Destiny SALINas

The Victorians had very specific etiquette rules when in public at any time.

One of the major etiquette rules were for attending a ballroom. Woman couldn't attend a ball without someone accompanying her because it just makes her look bad being alone in front of everyone. They have to act angelic for woman or very strong and firm for men because it makes them look more presentable.

They also had many etiquettes on how to be outside just walking down the street. They should never be alone (the woman) so they must have either maids or former husbands walk with them at all time. They could never run around or play because it was just unlady-like and if there was anyone they saw walking around that they needed to acknowledge then they would have to curtsy or bow. 

And last be least, they were very strict about table etiquette. There was always a certain amount of silverware that was needed to be at the table like the fingerbowls, pickle forks, grapefruit spoons or even grape scissors. They have to have specific table cloth when they have company over and never slouch or slurp.

Overall they cared very deeply about their etiquette back then and to this day some of those rules still exist.

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