The Shraders in Peru Spreading the Light in the land of the incas - May 2019

We are blessed and grateful to continue advancing Christ's kingdom in Peru (the land of the Incas). In this update, we share about our ministry to the poor via ChildHope, Holy Spirit baptisms in the Amazon and Transgenerational Missions.

ChildHope -- Transforming the Lives of the Poor

When I was a child, we did not have a Bible in the home. That was for fanatics -- until someone gave a New Testament to my sister and it landed in my hands. I read it every night -- in secret. The words got inside of me and changed me. That is why I’m so delighted to distribute new Bibles to the kids in our ChildHope schools. For most of our ChildHope families, this is the only book in the home. What better way is there to experience the transformed life than to read the Word that does not return void. It worked for me!

They are the New Living Translation (in Spanish) with beautiful artwork.
Holy Spirit Baptisms in the Amazon

Parts of the Amazon are plagued by violence, theft, and desperate poverty. Some visits there left us more worried than encouraged! Imagine our surprise when we arrived with a missions team to do a high school retreat and heard our ChildHope kids belting out exuberant worship. It was so different from what we had seen before and is a testimony to the power of intentional spiritual leadership by the new pastors.

Four young men who used to be in a gang shared about how Jesus changed their lives.

Four teens who had been involved in gang activity shared how Jesus changed their lives. As the worship continued, one teen spontaneously received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The directors asked me to preach on the subject and 13 others received.

At times, the problems that plague the poor can overwhelm our faith and plant seeds of despair. But the Spirit who inhabits our praises, also inhabits the praises of these children. Thanks for being a part of changing these kids’ lives. Thanks, also, to Pastors Brandon and Dorothy Wilkes and Peoples Church (St. Louis) for joining the worship!

Lena worshipping with members of the team from Peoples Church, St. Louis
Transgenerational Missions (a family update)

2 Timothy 2:2 says, "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. (NIV)"

Our goal is to be transgenerational -- passing the faith on to the next generation (2 Tim. 2:2). As such, we’re proud to announce that our son, Colton, has graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor's in Business and been accepted as a Missionary Associate with AG World Missions. He has a powerful call and gift. He’ll be based in Springfield, MO., helping to create video, photography, and social media content -- advancing the ministries of ChildHope and the Latin America Caribbean region.

Colton's art while working with us in the Amazon of Peru and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Back in the (pastoral) saddle: We believe in church planting and leaving behind a healthy, self-supporting ministry. Much of the last five years was dedicated to planting a church in Lima (Misión Vida). That church has been handed over to a Peruvian pastor and we have been asked by the Peruvian AG to take over a church revitalization project. As such, we are back in the saddle, pastoring CCF – Centro de Crecimiento Familiar AG (Family Growth Center Assembly of God). God graciously brought together a fabulous team which has made the challenge rewarding. We’re currently running between 60-70 on Sundays and recently baptized 18 believers – and it all came about miraculously! Please pray for wisdom and anointing as we guide this church to vitality and beyond.

Prayer Requests:Venezuela: The country is on the brink of civil war after a recent failed coup attempt. Poverty, violence and government abuses have made the ministry of ChildHope all that more necessary and all that more difficult. Please pray for the safety of our children. • Red Universitaria: Please pray for more workers. We have more opportunities to evangelize and disciple university students than we can physically accomplish. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. • Our Son -- Colton: He needs to raise his budget as a missionary and move to Springfield Missouri. We will be coming home in July for General Council and a week of vacation (when we hope to help him move).

Thank you for being part of our team! Please stay in touch via Facebook or via older classic methods: Address: Calle Manuel Salazar 161, San Isidro, Lima 15076 Peru. Cell Phone: (Peru +51) 944-678-087. U.S. Voip: 513-407-5412

Bill.Shrader@agmd.org or Lena.Shrader@agmd.org.

To join our support team: http://S1.ag.org/shrader

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