Elementary Educator bailey Boettcher

An educator at the elementary level plays a big role in a childs life, as they are prepairing these children with educational skills they will need for higher levels of learning.

Teaching young students the writing process. It is a strong reccomendation that students get atleast an hour of writing time a day. It includes 30 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of students practicing.

The process starts with teaching children how to hold a pencil.
Teaching correct spelling is vital to the writing process.
The construction of sentences should be taught after the basic steps.
In today's society today typing has become a must. Students need to learn to type at a young age.
Technology has been getting better and better. Many years ago children learned on a chalkboard playing games like hangman. Today there are endless games on the internet that can help a childs learning process easier and faster.

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Article Title: Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers

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