Everyday Magnets By: Miggy"105" Garcia


To find a certain direction.

Maglev Train

Used for transportation.

MRI Machine

Used to look at detailed images of organs.

Fridger Magnets

Used to hang stuff up.

Big ole magnet for machines

Used to carry metals around workyards or for like debris and stuff.


Created with images by bfishadow - "Compass" • cvander - "El Maglev es muy rápido" • cdorobek - "Day 1 of #ProstateCancer #radiation -- one hour a day; five days a week for nine weeks. If you want to know where I will be at 2p ET each weekday... This machine rotates around you essentially zapping me. The MRI also turned up some object where my prosta" • kreativwerkstattfleury - "fridge magnet magnet ceramic" • BedfordAl - "sturge plant 008"

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