Four-Four-Two Dean hughes

Yuki takes a boat to the coast of Italy from a military camp in Mississippi. This makes me feel excited because he is about to fight some Germans
In my mind I see dirty barracks and a training camp for the soldiers. And I also see a bloody battlefield in the coast of Italy.
This book takes place during WWII. This's makes me feel scared because this were the reign of Hitler's began.
The terrain is very hilly, lots of prairies, and plains. This makes me feel that makes it a good place for the soldiers to train for war so they can beat up Hitler's soldiers
It's crowded because there's a lot of soldiers and there all very serious and strict. This makes me feel it would be very hard to be with those kind of people
He is wearing military clothes and he is carrying a rifle. This makes me feel it's really hard and heavy to wear and carry.
The mood is sort of depressing because Uiki is about to give up and he thinks he can't handle it. This part happens when he is trading to go to war
The setting Affects also because it take solace at a battle field during World War II. So Yuki goes through many stages of a personality and it changes the mode of the entire book.


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