I Am Yours You are mine

Can't say you are the love at the first sight, but we were sort of clicked.

One thing led to another...

I don't always see things the same way you do.

I know you don't, either.

It's all good.

A life together is much more interesting than the one without each other.

Even having a small talk at a casual corner is delightful.

Isn't it lovely?

Well, you get the picture.

Sometimes long hair is a bit annoying in a windy day,

but I love your finger gently touching it.

I love looking into your eyes to see myself in your eyes.

You can see yourself in my eyes too, can't you?

Fun is never ceased.

Now we know who's the professional posing model.
Shall we dance?

"I am ready when you are ready." The photographer said.

One, two, three.

"Hmmm, how about the other way around?"

Can we have another one? She said.
I remembered that's my sunglasses.

If you want to run, I will help you with your trail.

Why run alone, when you can run together, right?

Being together is just right, but...

We do have our differences

every now and then

Yup, that's our having-differences face, probably.

We never need an ice breaker though.

The second one seems to have too much fun.


We are lucky that the fence couldn't stop us.

Our Tomorrow could be here or there.

Where do you want to go?

Let's go, shall we?
The shoulder to lean on.
I love being In your arms.
It rained...but it's ok.

After all, we can't always have sunny day.

Raining did add more mood to the shoot.

The rain wouldn't stop, so we found another place to indulge ourselves.

It was in a cafe, but coffee was never the point.

We've probably owed each other many cups of coffee.

Rain check?

Happily ever after?


and so much more.

Created By
Jasmine Chang


Jasmine Chang

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