Hammer studies

Spinning Jenny Created by James Hargreaves

The Spinning Jenny was created by James Hargreaves. It was perfected by 1768 and allowed yarn to be produced in greater quantities. James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny because he thouht he wanted to be able to create more yarn quicker and in greater quantities. Before the Spinning Jenny was invented there would be shortages of yarn. The Spinning Jenny allowed there to be less of a shortage of yarn and created more yarn in the time of the work.

Steam engine created by James Watt

James Watt created the steam engine in the 1760s. With this invention you could pump water from mines 3 times faster than previous engines. This allowed more coal to be mined. It was a rotary engine that turned a shaft to power machinery. It could be used on almost all machinery. He invented this engine because he was given a Newcomen engine to repair and decided to make it work more efficiently.

System of puddling created by Henry Cort

Henry Cort created the system called puddling in the 1780s. In this coke, derived from coal, would burn away impurities in iron and produce a piece of iron with high quality. He created this to have a more efficient way of getting iron and making it more of an iron based piece with less impurities.

Steam locomotive created by Richard Trevithick

Richard Trevithick created the first steam locomotive in 1804. At first it could only travel at five miles per hour and transport ore and seventy people. He created this to transport things faster. This also allowed for people to get from place to place quicker.

Lightbulb created by Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan

The lightbulb is a great invention. It gives light and is better than a candle. It was created to give off more efficient light and light for a longer time. Thomas Edison tried many different times to make inventions and came across the lightbulb. He worked on this to help people to have more light in their homes.

Telephone created by Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. This allowed you to talk to some far away and not have to be face to face. It worked by radio waves traveling through wires to the other person. He created this to be able to talk to people further way and increase the ability to talk to people if they couldn't be right in front of you.

Model T. created by Henry Ford

Henry Ford created the Model T., an automotive that was mass produced. This product lower people to move around quicker in towns. Henry Ford created the mass production to help people get to places quicker and also to make money.

The Wright brothers created the first airplane in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. They created to get multiple people around long distances quicker. The first regular passenger air service was created in 1919. The plane worked by catching air currents and gliding along them letting the plane stay in the air longer.

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