Camille's Story

A Little About Me

My name is Camille Mahrt-Smith and I attend E.H.S.S in the Claude Watson program for Visual Arts. Art is one of my favorite hobbies along with reading books like Fight Club and watching movies like The Breakfast Club. I do many hours of hockey in a week and it has become my favorite sport. Every one of my three siblings and my dad have all done hockey at one point in their lives. Some of my favorite things in the world are my two dogs Miko and Felix. I spend an hour each day on the weekend walking them to the park where they can roam off leash.

My favorite movie is the Breakfast club made in 1985, i watched it for the first time when I was in grade. 7 and have loved it ever since

The last scene from The Breakfast club

MY Favorite book is Fight Club

The main character has a second personality that is totally different form his own

this warning represents the author's writing style and the narrators personality

My favorite music includes classic rock and rap

Art and Hockey take up 99% of my time

My art medium of choice is acrylic or water color

This is some female hockey players

I play hockey for the North York Storm select team and Rugby on the Haig team

Some things to look at if you like what I like

Some things to look at if you like what I like

My favorite thing in the world, my dogs

Thanks For Reading


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